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The world is a turbulent place today. Viewpoints are polarizing everyone in some manner or another. Join Sammy “The Bull” Gravano as he shares a unique and surprising perspective through the eyes of the former Mafia boss of the largest crime family in America. Each week Gravano debates hot takes and viewpoints around current affairs, politics, entertainment, social issues, and business with guests from all walks of life, including subject experts, celebrities, ex-mob associates, and former government officials. If you enjoy contrarian viewpoints, or the mystique of organized crime and how the world of corruption really works, be sure to tune in as this show is for you.

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At Mosaic, we are committed to bringing untold stories to life through the magic of the spoken word, podcasting. Our podcasts resonate with audiences in the most powerful way possible through the engagement of the listener's imagination. We take you away from the physical place you are and transport you to the time and place of our stories and allow you to live in that moment.

Because our roots lie in both documentary film making and technology, we possess the unique ability to integrate one-of-a-kind storytelling with leading-edge, mobile-first consumer media platforms that allows us exploit the use of social media in combination with streaming audio and video to gain the widest exposure and thus drive the maximum audience possible.